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Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." - Navajo Prayer

Serving Southern Oregon

Debra lyn Johnson, Deaath Doula and Patient Advocate

Debra lyn Johnson, MA, CSCC

Gerontologist, Death Doula, Patient Advocate

My professional career in care management serving older adults comes from a deep understanding that in every stage of life we need an ally, an advocate, someone who will be an objective presence when times call for support...

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or alone when life circumstances take a turn and you need more assistance than ever before?

Have an expert on your side to be an advocate, to assist, support and guide you when and where needed.  

There are three main areas of focus in the work I do with clients.

Advance Care Planning
Patient advocate, support and guidance
Death doula, end of life support and guide

Research shows that advance directives can make a difference, and that people who document their preferences in this way are more likely to get the care they prefer at the end of life than people who do not.

In considering treatment decisions, your personal values are key. Is your main desire to have the most days of life? Or, would your focus be on quality of life, as you see it? What if an illness leaves you paralyzed or in a permanent coma and you need to be on a ventilator? Would you want that?

Navigating the U.S. healthcare system can be scary and confusing. You may ask yourself, “Am I getting the best care for my current medical need?”,  “Should I get a second opinion?”  or "What should I do at my age and how do I know what the options are to make an informed decision?"

At times like these, you could use an ally — someone to support you through your healthcare journey. That is what a  “patient advocate" does.

No matter where you’re at in your life, you can understand the struggle that comes with accepting your own mortality and creating a realistic plan for the end, whenever that may be. 

As a Death Doula; End of Life Guide, I assist individuals when extra support is needed especially after a diagnosis, terminal or non-terminal when some extra support and an ally can assist you and your family to navigate the decisions, the logistics, the changes that take place under the circumstances.  


Late Life Journey

...the journey continues until it ends. Let's begin the conversation 

National End of Life Doula Alliance
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