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Tomorrow is Another Day

Updated: May 7

tomorrow quote

I love this definition of tomorrow as it relates to advance care planning! How often do we say to ourselves "I've got to get my advance directive completed" or "I need to modify my Trust or my will"...or "I need to speak to my family about my wishes"....

Your advanced directive names a health care representative to speak for you in case you cannot speak for yourself. This is critical in various situations you could find yourself: In the event of an emergency, a surgery gone wrong, a stroke, or other health condition that leaves you impaired if any for a short time.

Without an advanced directive, you may not receive the kind of care that is in alignment with your values and your wishes.

The Oregon Advance Directive was recently modified (2022). You do not need to update yours just because it is an older version, but you need to update it if you need to change the names of your health care representatives, if your choices have changed and, or if you have recently moved to Oregon from another state.

If you need assistance on filling out an advance directive, discuss it with your physician. Sometimes your local community or senior center will offer assistance as well.

Turn your mystical tomorrow into real action and get it done.


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