Long Term Care Planning

An advanced directive includes your specific instructions regarding the  type of care you want or do not want if you become ill with a condition that leaves you unable to speak for yourself.  Careful consideration of who to appoint as your health care advocate is extremely important and valuable when there comes a time when an Advanced Directive is necessary to guide the medical staff.

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Patient Advocate.

As a patient advocate I help guide clients through the healthcare system:

  • Clarifying options on their choice for hospitals, doctors and treatments

  • Getting information and asking specific questions

  • Writing down information and answers to questions for the client

  • Accompanying to tests, procedures and appointments with follow up written and/or verbal communication to family members

  • Keeping track and monitoring of medications

  • Making sure clients’ rights are met

  • Solving conflicts and crisis situations with health care professionals and family members

  • Hospital visits and wellness checks

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Bill Pay & Financial Organization

  • Assist with sorting mail and paying bills including  setting up of electronic auto pay if requested

  • Create financial organization to track expenses either manually or in a software application

  • Write checks for client signature

End of Life

  • Support and assistance for an individual after a terminal diagnosis.  This may include things such as patient advocacy, medical visits and comprehensive note taking and organizing schedules, medications, follow ups, reports to family members.

  • Assistance with getting one's affairs in order. 

  • Review and updating Advanced Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Family support and mediation

  • Planning for death

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